Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

What a lot of beer.

I've just realised that this is the first night since Tuesday that I haven't been out drinking beer. It was the winter ale festival from Thursday to Saturday, so that's the main excuse. I discovered last night that whatever meagre skill I had at table-football at university has totally left me. Myself an a coworker were beaten about 6 games to nil by two of his friends. We then left the festival and sat drinking Tally Ho! in the Castle for a while before I left and spent an enjoyable few hours chatting with j4, sion_a, kaet and brrm.

In less beer related news, I now (finally) own a DVD writer, and have archived off half of Hikaru no Go so I have some disk space back. The Windows software is very impressive, you just format a blank as UDF2.01 (or let the driver automatically format), and copy files to the disk. No need to create filesystem images on hard disk. This is quite satisfying for me to see, because in my previous job one thing I did was the CD-R packet-writing support for our software when that was a fairly new and under-used feature. I think I'll need to upgrade to FreeBSD 5 to get UDF working under FreeBSD though, which I'd hoped to avoid until it was -stable.
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