Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Good party at dreamingchristi's on Saturday. I wasn't quite inventive enough for Look Around You theme, but a silly mustache and glasses routine seemed to amuse and frighten, I'm sure somebody will produce a picture, since Photos were taken. Also earlier decades were revived, and most importantly, Sulphagne was created. In the end I didn't stay, but got a lift back with j4 and sion_a.

Today I went to the Royal Festival Hall to watch the Howard Shore conduct the London Philharmonic playing a symphony created from his Lord of The Rings film score. The influences I recognised were Vaughan Williams, and Holst; but I don't claim a particularly wide knowledge here. The sheer size of the orchestra and choir was impressive. Unsurprisingly, the symphony follows the Jackson plot where it differs from the Tolkien plot. There was a pretty much constant projected image, map or drawing, above the orchestra. I found the projected images to be a bit distracting at times, tying the music very closely to particular parts of the film. However, you can always close your eyes. My opinion is that the prolonged standing ovation was probably more to do with it being LOTR than actually being a brilliant work and performance; it was good, but not that good.

Also very worth going for was a random bonus of the World Press Photo Exhibition. Some very good photographs, some of those were very disturbing. Felt quite odd when a little boy standing near me asked his mother “Why are all these pictures so sad, Mummy?”.

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