Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Managed to persuade myself to get out for a solitary bike-ride today. Quite pleasant overall, but about as much as I can manage in one go. I probably should have taken a proper rest-break at some point, rather than just a few stops to map-read. I don't have a cycle computer, so can't tell you anything like actual distance, or average speed.

The way I went round was Cambridge->Burwell->Newmarket->Balsham->Cambridge. The Newmarket to Balsham leg is a bit hilly, the rest isn't too bad.

Oh, and it was nice of whoever organised the air-display to make me feel at home. As I was cycling out, a Tornado screamed overhead, wings back, in a fairly fast and low pass; on the way back there was a Nimrod pottering around. Just like being back in Elgin :-)

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