Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

“ The decline of responsibility and the proliferation of rights have left us in an ethical quagmire, which is undermining our fight against crime.”
“ [The police] cannot police our streets if they have one hand tied behind their back”

Michael Howard -

I don't think I've heard a mainstream politician say anything quite so scary.

“ And finally we have failed to invest in new prison capacity, thereby constraining the ability of our courts to send persistent, serious and dangerous criminals to prison.”

England & Wales already have the highest per-capita prison population in the EU ¹. If its not helping now, obviously the right thing is to do more of it? If we keep putting more people in gaol, maybe we can make the UK as crime-free as the US? (Though you can't accuse Michael "Prison Works" Howard of being inconsistent on his views here.)

¹ Update A little googling suggests I'm out of date and this stopped being true a few months ago when a bunch of new countries joined the EU.
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