Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Last night somebody from the Tory party came round to do a survey of what issues people cared most about. "Environment" wasn't on their list of choices, "illegal immigration" was, however the guy was happy to write in "environment" and admitted it should be there. It was too much effort to explain what I really cared about was a sustainable energy policy rather than "environment" in general. I picked two other issues that were on his list (er... not "illegal immigration" strangely enough, maybe I should have asked him to add "xenophobia" to the list instead).

From my answers (I also mentioned recycling elsewhere w.r.t. local issues), he made a false assumption that I must be a Green party supporter, and seemed quite surprised when I said I'd voted Lib Dem at the last national and local elections. I didn't actually mind being surveyed in this way, it's a chance to very slightly influence a party I think is largely going the wrong way.

A bit after that pseudomonas turned up, who is staying in my spare room until he finds a somewhere to live. I quickly provided him with the important things in life; tea, internet connexion, shortest route to the pub.

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