Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Good cycling at Thetford forest this afternoon with various people, organised by beckyc. The black route was really quite challenging at times, and we kept having to move aside for the serious mountain bikers to come through at speed. The narrow forest tracks weren't too bad, but my skill, my bike and my confidence weren't really up to some of the more extreme bits. After we'd had enough of that we moved onto the blue route, which was really rather gentle, a lot easier going than many of the bridleways I've been cycling on over the summer. Overall, I'd have liked something inbetween the two. We were very lucky with the weather, mostly a pleasant sunny autumn day while we were there, clouds opened about 5 minutes after I got to Thetford station while I was safely under cover.

Thetford forest centre is really quite easy to get to by train and bike, only about 5 miles from Thetford and 2 or 3 from Brandon (which has the disadvantage of rarely having trains stop there).
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