Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

In Montpellier. Would have updated sooner, but my ancient 10Mbit only laptop wouldn't talk to IBM's network without some effort, and we had more important things to do than get my laptop online.

I really like this city, I've been here twice before for a couple of weeks at a time. I love wandering the twisting narrow streets of the old town, three or four story stone buildings towering either side. It hasn't suffered too much from war or urban planning, but is clean (modulo ubiquitous graffiti on shop shutters), well lit and doesn't feel threatening. There are little restaurants all over the place, even found a place advertising itself as an "English restaurant" specialising in "brunch", didn't eat there though.

A civilised company in a civilised country is one where they give you a basket of croissants and pain au chocolat to snack on during the morning and the work canteen serves steak braised in wine, cooked blue by default.

OK, so as a couple of people have pointed out it probably wasn't really braised. I think it the steak was grilled blue and then left in a warm (but not hot enough to cook) wine sauce.
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