Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Life's going fairly well at the moment on average; lark_ascending is still wonderful especially when life isn't, the flat is still pending, it's November so everybody is having birthdays, new job is still entertaining, beer still tastes good, um... stuff is OK really.

Oh, Rauchbier makes a great beef stew. Just 500g of nice beef, couple of red onions and a couple of carrots, fry the onions1 and beef, slice carrots, throw the lot into a casserole pot with some herbs, pour in a bottle of Rauchbier and leave in a low oven while you go down the pub. Eat with fresh bread. Yum.

1 Don't burn the onions or lark_ascending will complain. This is easier said than done when low-fat frying. It tasted fine to me, we're guessing it's something like the evil taste in brassica, which some odd people just can't taste. Weirdos.
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