Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Excellent weekend, starting Friday evening with beer & (far too much) pizza at a friend from work's place. Watched Hex, the new series on Sky, not too bad but mostly a teen drama. Amusing in places, and I may well watch more, but rather too much teen relationship stuff and at times my disbelief was having trouble being suspended (for example by the protagonist's very easy acceptence of the supernatural).

Saturday I went round to davefish's for Sunday Lunch (details, details) that started somewhere around 2:30pm and sort of went on for a bit. Excellent roast, potatotastic veg. Cheese and custard also featured heavily. There was only the briefest break between that finishing and going round to vyvyan's small birthday celebrations. That was another great party. Overall a superb day, two smallish parties, both having a mix of new people to meet and old friends.

Today I went out for a walk which was about what I needed to recover from Saturday, got back and lazed around playing RomeTW and baking bread.
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