Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Having completly missed the whole thing when it first happened, I got to watch the first few episodes of Broken Saints at the weekend. Interesting concept, a graphic novel with animated frames. The constraints that the Flash animation originally imposed have created a distinctive style that's quite unlike any other animation I've seen on film.

These guys have clearly read far too much Moore, Morrisson, Gaiman and PKD. It seems unfair to say that what they've done isn't as good as Preacher or Sandman, but it's a compliment that it's possible to make the comparison at all. The writing in at least the first few episodes is quite heavy-handed. Whether that's because it is early days and they're quickly introducing the world, a simple lack of talent, or a deliberate emulation of some of the worse comic book writing remains to be seen.

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