Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Last night's NMA gig in London was everything I hope for from their seemingly annual December gigs. After a slightly disappointing Cambridge performance on Wednesday, there was a marked difference in the energy of the crowd and the band, who came back for a second encore (first encores now being obligatory). It was a fantastic set, slightly different selection to the Cambridge set, with many of my favourites being played.

Just for contrast from the convivial violence of an NMA moshpit, I got a "help! we need a fourth for bridge" call on the train on the way back, so turned up to Relativity for a few hands before general consensus was that bridge is a game better played by awake people. (Opening bidding with a 6-5-2 hand containing 10 points was especially amusing).

Today my body decided it was time for a rest so lacking any reason not to, I slept until 3pm. It's been a long time since I slept in quite so late.

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