Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Just about over the jitters...

I got a phone call from the Estate Agent just before I went to work this morning about the flat I'm attempting to buy. He said that he had to call the current owners later today, and they were "incredibly nervous", worried that it's taken over 4 months, and wondering if I'm really a suitable buyer.

It'd be a nightmare if I was dropped at this point. I'd be back to where I was nearly six months ago.

What has been going on for the past 4 months? It was two weeks before I was told about the potential problems with the lease. It was then another month before I did anything more about it, that's my fault, I was very busy with work and didn't need the stress of thinking about it. After that it was a couple of weeks before I got the first mortgage application in, again because of work and holiday. Then that lender took about a month to get back to me to say they'd only offer a mortgage a few thousand pounds short of what I'd asked for. Not wanting to find that extra in cash, I went for another lender, now between their incompetence and that of the people they've used to value the property, it's taken another month.

Apparently they've now done nearly everything and will let me know whether they're giving me a mortgage or not within 48 hours. My IFA assures me that his reading of the entrails indicate a positive result.

I haven't heard back from the Estate Agent. My guess is that this means that the vendors are at least giving me another couple of days. I'd phone, but I don't want to know otherwise.

At least I didn't get made redundant last week. The cuts hit people at our office fairly hard.
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