February 18th, 2003


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I've been quiet recently...

Flat is still there, mostly unpacked, but there are still boxes of assorted junk for which I have yet to find a home. All white goods (including anthracite coloured cooker) are plumbed in and working. Cable modem went in last Wednesday and I really should get the ethernet run to the machines soon, but I'm going for the prize of slowest-geek-in-history-to-get-broadband-up-and-running.

Already decided that the top priority for Getting Infrastructure Fixed is to get the double-glazing done. The place is dripping with condensation. How soon that'll be fixed depends entirely on how much it will cost, which I should know soon. Bathroom is probably after that.

It's been about a month since I owned the place, a couple of weeks since I moved in. In that time two other friends have moved house and seem to have managed to get everything sorted overnight.