April 22nd, 2003


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Um... stuff... Easter was

Friday: sitting at home doing nothing, followed by videos at angua's
Saturday: Visiting lark_ascending's parents, being fed too much.
Sunday: Much of the same, followed by recovery
Monday: Mowing the lawn, and pulling a vast quantity of some sort of climbing vine weed thing out of my hedge. I hope the hedge feels better for it.

Today I've spent all day playing with evil scripts in order to generate and email out daily performance graphs at work.
Cool stuff was finding out GNU date will do things like -d "28 days ago". Spent a lot of time fighting gnuplot. Wrote an evil script to use metasend to generate a MIME mail, then go back and parse it to stick in internal references to the image MIME parts so MS Outlook will just display the graphs. I feel unclean.