July 25th, 2003


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I should eat more fish, but it requires the effort of getting it fresh. There's also the problem that common fish, like cod and haddock, I don't consider particularly ethical to eat at the moment, with critically low stock levels. Mackerel is surprisingly cheap, and as far as I can tell, there's still a reasonably healthy stock in the North Sea.

Tonight's dinner was mackerel with tagliatelle verdi and a fairly straightforward tomato based sauce. It was rather nice.

Drunken gig review

skelliga rocked, Jack's Family really rocked.

Skelliga were clearly the lead act. More polished, more professional, overfilled the small back-room of the Portland Arms with their five-piece, and should have had longer on stage. Their style is really quite hard to pin down, many influences are competing for dominance, rather than meshing into a single mode. The punk, folk, metal and goth seem to clash without finding a happy compromise. They need to find a more coherent sound, I think that would be helped by decreasing the punk influence, putting in some longer, more thoughtful tracks and playing more on Alix's powerful vocals. I'm sure others would disagree about where the best balance is though.

Jack's Family were very promising. They're closer to classic metal, but with keyboards and electric violin to add an extra dimension. It's not quite as original as Skelliga, but that means it's easier to accept. I'm now looking out for their stuff, and I'd like to see them at a larger venue. They're easier to just get into and throw your hair around to. Killing Miranda watch out, there's others after the elusive and much sort after north-of-London/East Anglia goth/metal crown.

There was a second-support band, Acidity or something similar. Three local kids hitting guitars and drums in a vaguely punk style. They didn't do very much very wrong, or indeed very much at all, and were quite respectable for a second support band playing their first gig at a local pub.