September 21st, 2003


(no subject)

Underworld has little to recommend it beyond Kate Beckinsale in a corset, PVC and latex. I suppose some of the characters and morality was all a bit nicely ambiguous, which is at least a break from clear good-guys/bad-guys, but it didn't have the depth to really pull that off.

I think I'm getting bored of action films; I'm increasingly finding myself yawning during fight scenes and car chases waiting for the film to get back to some plot or characterisation. It's a shame that there wasn't more of the characters really talking, beyond explaining the plot to each other. What little there was seemed actually quite good, most of the lead actors giving a fair performance despite a poor script. The writing and direction left quite a lot to be desired. The gun-play was ludicrous, the special effects not really special, the soundtrack was overly loud, the plot holes quite gaping. Even the camera work left me feeling more confused than awed during the fight scenes, though otherwise the constant darkness and gloom was very well composed cinematography.

If the soundtrack was used better, I'd accuse it of being a two hour long music video; but it didn't even have that going for it. What was there was the predictable heavy rock.