October 3rd, 2003


(no subject)

My PC is getting increasingly flaky, and the motherboard doesn't support currently available CPUs. Currently it's running at 75% of nominal speed, it won't even POST at nominal. Best guess is that it's the CPU that's dying.

Just on the off-chance, does anybody have a Palomino (Model 6) core Athlon XP they'd like to sell, or even a fast Thunderbird (Model 4)? I think if not, I'm going to have to replace the motherboard too. I'd prefer not to throw too much money at the system as a whole right now, and get an Athlon64 in a few months time.

However, I'd better buy fairly soon while my AGP 2x/4x graphics card is still supported. Already some motherboards seem to be AGP 8x only.