October 13th, 2003


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My already ill PC finally died last night. It now won't even POST at the underclocked speeds. I've ordered a new motherboard, CPU and heatsink. I hope that my graphics card is still compatible.

It's disappointing that more than 2 years later, the sensible price/performance CPU is only about twice as fast as my existing CPU. As commented on in comp.arch, CPU performance is starting to hit limits of viability.

I also noticed how long-lived the PCI bus has been. When I bought my first PC in 1993, there was a choice between PCI or VL-BUS for the new, fast replacement for ISA (I, of course, looked carefully at the options and chose VL-BUS). Ten years later, PCI is still just about OK for most things in a home PC other than graphics (where it's been replaced by AGP for a few years now).


While I'm PC narging, I've just read that the new Intel core has been delayed. That might give AMD a bit of a break for getting Athlon 64 established.