November 3rd, 2003


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Ugh. Just had a bad dose of perspective while going and getting a sandwich for lunch. There was the woman with apparent learning disabilities and her tolerant careworker in the shop, the guy settling down in a doorway for the afternoon with his sleeping bag and four-pack of special brew, the other man in a cheap looking wheelchair, even the coworker still wearing a leg-brace months after his car accident.

There was a comment on Radio 4 this morning talking about how people coped during the second world war; “Have you seen Geoff recently?” “Oh, didn't you hear? He bought it at El Alamein”. Sometimes, that doesn't seem to be all that far beyond the level of detachment everybody needs to spend their lives in just to cope, to not be overwhelmed by other people's lives.

Now to try to go back to happy, selfish, surviving ignorance.