December 3rd, 2003


Return Of The King

The Arts are now accepting bookings for Return Of The King from members. I intend to do a block booking for the 7:30pm showing on Wednesday 17th December.

Please let me know by 6pm if you want me to book a ticket for you. If you're a member, please email me your membership number too.


Apologies for that débâcle.

The Arts had sold out for Wednesday evening by the time I tried to book tickets. The current situation is that I'm going to the Warners for the 7pm showing on Wednesday, it's free seating so you can book your own tickets. However, I wouldn't mind going a second time, and the Arts is certainly a better venue, so please comment below, and argue amoung yourselves if anybody wants to see it at the arts, maybe Thursday, Friday or Saturday night; or since all the best seats for early showings will have already gone, later?

I'll ignore things people have emailed me today, since there was no real consensus (though a general feeling toward Thursday evening). Sorry about the hassle.