December 10th, 2003


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Urgh... driving to Coventry and back in the fog is tiring. davefish's suggestion of hiring a car was probably overall a good one, and at least meant I didn't have to get up to catch trains excessively early in the morning (I had to be there for a midday meeting). It's probably mostly that I'm not used to driving, but I've come out of it thinking how much nicer it would have been to have been sitting on a train for the same amount of time.

On the way there, a count of one lorry fallen off the road, and one RTA with somebody being lifted into an ambulence, well braced on a stretcher; on the way back, one aggressive idiot trying to kill both myself and himself to save a few minutes on his journey.

New theory; car travel causes a lot of television watching. Since I got back, it's taken nearly an hour for my brain to be in any fit state for much at all.