December 17th, 2003


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New Model Army. Yay!

Just as much violent fun as ever. The set was mostly old favourites, and by the end of the second encore, few people at the front had that much energy left to throw into even I love the world. They didn't play Vengence, but did play most other big hits.

I now need to find a spare pair of arms.

The trains were a little odd. On the way there there was some slimey bloke loudly talking into his mobile, trying to con back-stage passes to another gig for a couple of teenage girls he'd just sat next to. On the way back there was a bit of a fight in the vestibule, fortunately all involved piled off at Stevenage which IME seems quite well staffed for dealing with violent idiots.

Annoyingly WAGN seem to have stopped doing a late semi-fast train to Cambridge during the week, the last one of those is 23:15, and after that it's only the 00:06 that stops everywhere, taking 1h40m.