January 16th, 2004


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I've just read through the MOD's report on the recent attack on Iraq.

Chapter 8, on logistics, is the one that's getting the press attention. Overall, it doesn't look bad enough for me to want a minister to resign over it. The report seems to suggest that overall things went more according to plans than not. One begins to suspect that Hoon is just being thrown out as a sacrificial lamb to try to deflect attention away from why Iraq has yet to be demonstrated to be the “current and serious threat to the UK national interest” that Blair claimed.

My position is that there's at least a valid moral arguement for using force to remove a genuine serious threat. The attack on Iraq seems to me have been more about regional influence and geopolitics (saying just "oil" is over-simplifying, although it's an important factor).

I was somewhat amused in the MOD report by the sentence “Although RAF aircraft delivered inert 1000lb bombs to minimise collateral damage, these often did not create the desired effect.”