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Andrew Mobbs' Journal
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Monday, February 23rd, 2004

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I've arrived in Jakarta. It's just started raining in style, with a couple of impressive thunderclaps. On the taxi ride over from the airport, I learned that they drive on the left here but also pass on the left, that you can often fit 3 cars into 2 marked lanes on a nice wide modern toll road, and that the car horn is a vital piece of road safety equipment.

Now time to recover that night's sleep that the time difference and travel stole. It's now nearly 24 hours since I woke up in Cambridge. I'm very glad it's Islamic New Year, so the office is closed.
The hotel room has a god-like shower, however the drainage is mearly mortal. This means a few moments application of the awesome deluge of the shower at full flow is enough to flood the shower cubicle. Extended use may flood whole hotel, block or entire city. Actually, city is fairly flooded anyway. Possibly this is a frequent mistake made by travellers?

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