February 28th, 2004


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Friday was a day of lots of good food. Our local employees took us out to a decent (but not high-class) local restaurant for a lunch of Indonesian food. There were a range of dishes, many of which were seafood. Most impressive was the Ikan Nila Goreng "Dancing fish". The fish has wide fins and a large mouth, looks like it's related to a grouper. The impressive bit was the way it was cunningly partly filleted then deep-fried, it curled up in the cooking, with the head and tail curled together, and the flesh from the flanks curling forward. It was presented on the plate resting on it's side, with the head and tail upward.

Then in the evening we had dinner at the hotel's Lebanese restuarant, a good selection of mezza dishes, followed by grilled meat and fish with rice, then a curious desert. I think the lebanese restaurants I visited in Paris were slightly better, in particular, the homous here was a very smooth paste with little texture at all. There was a particularly nice lamb filled pitta bread though (OK, OK, just a refined kebab, but it was good).