March 20th, 2004


(no subject)

I really should watch more sport. I was in Robert Sayles today, happened to notice that the rugby was on, didn't have anything better to do, so wandered down to the Fountain. I caught the second half of Ireland versus Italy, and all of England versus Wales. The latter was a superb match. The exhilaration from watching "your team" come from behind to win is a wonderful short-cut to happiness (I'm sure the few pints that were consumed may have helped that too) . There's added pleasure when it's a sport that you can appreciate the technicalities of, gasp at amazing plays and groan at horrible errors before the commentators have had time to mention them. Association football doesn't really do that for me, rugby union does.

Incidentally, the Fountain has a pretty good selection of beers on for reasonable prices. The Milton Jupiter was £1.90/pint, there were a couple of City of Cambridge beers, and several others too.