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Andrew Mobbs' Journal
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Monday, March 29th, 2004

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Villa Paletti is amazingly fun. It's a game where each player starts with 5 wooden columns, worth different numbers of points. These are placed on a flat circular board, and a wooden platform is balanced on top of the pieces. In turns players move one piece from a lower level to the top platform. If consensus is that a player cannot move without toppling the tower, then the next platform is put on top. The platforms are irregularly shaped and of decreasing area. The game ends when the tower falls. The winner is the player who had the most points on the final platform. Points on lower platforms don't count.

The tactics are to try to ensure your valuable pieces don't end up being structurally vital, while trying to cause this to be the case for other players. Pieces can end up being structural because they're acting as counterweights rather than supports.

It's sort of like Jenga, but with even more chances to be nasty.
“However, I do think that due process requires something other than a basic assertion by someone named Mobbs”

No it doesn't.

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