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Andrew Mobbs' Journal
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Tuesday, May 4th, 2004

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Yay! for me making it to the fast train to London by 30 seconds, even more Yay! since I was actually about 5 minutes later than its scheduled departure.

Wandered around the Tate Modern, then walked up past St. Paul's to Trafalgar Square, on through St. James' Park and got bored at about that point so joined the rush hour crowds at Victoria. Took some photos, don't think I've really contributed anything to the art of urban photography, but maybe one or two will come out OK, I'm just about to upload them to find out.

(This was my Good Friday, since I was working that day in the US I had today off in lieu.)
This was a mistake, I didn't notice that I'd knocked my camera mode dial to fully manual, however I quite like the effect. That's the photo exactly as it came out of the camera, just resized. I'll have to play a bit more with unusual exposures.

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