May 18th, 2004


(no subject)

Punting should happen sometime soon.

Er... if enough people agree, I might even organise something. Insect repellent can be provided (I have loads of 50% DEET left over from going to Jakarta during a dengue fever outbreak).
OK - what are schedules like for this evening? Can people meet at the Mill at 7pm? Maybe potter up and down the backs, maybe head toward some fields for a picnic dinner (bring pie!) ?
… he says as the clouds come over and the wind increases.

(Doing this by LJ because I don't have sensible email from work. *grumble*).


I'll turn up at The Mill at 7pm. If anybody inclined toward punting for a bit feels like coming along, please do. Otherwise I'll have a quiet pint then go home. If you let me know if you're expecting to come, then that'd be even better.