May 21st, 2004


(no subject)

I wonder if I should stop drinking alcohol for a month (after the beer festival) ?

It was really just today, wondering where my time and money went, I realised how much of both I spend in pubs. So far this week; Sunday lunch, Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening, Thursday lunch, Thursday evening, Friday lunch. timeplease probably spends more time in pubs, but he's got a better excuse.

It's not really that I think I drink too much for my health (other than probably the calories), or that I can't afford the cost. It just seems to have got a bit excessive. Maybe I should just have a night in from time to time (he said, minutes before heading out to the cinema)?

(The connexion between not drinking alcohol and not going to pubs so much isn't quite causal, but it's strong for me. I really like cask beer.)