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Andrew Mobbs' Journal
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Thursday, June 3rd, 2004

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Oh well, so Sun didn't announce any new 4- or 8-way Opteron boxes in their latest batch of product announcements. I'm still amazed that the only Tier-1 vendor who'll sell you a 4-way Opteron is HP, and nobody has an 8-way yet.

It might be that there isn't the demand until 64-bit Windows ships? HP submitted a TPC-C result for a 4-way Opteron 248 system running 32-bit Windows & SQL-Server which was in retrospect a tad disapointing, only fractionally beating 3.0GHz Xeons (all be it the 4MB cache versions).

The lack of 8-way Opteron systems is a bit surprising, especially given the competition scales terribly (IBM Xeon systems TPC-C 4-way vs. 8-way).
Yay! Coworker mentioned a disused laptop, turns out it had a 128MB SODIMM that I've now put to a better use. Now I'm no longer constantly running my laptop at above the amount of physical RAM it has.

Even more Yay! He also mentioned Notes Notify - a relatively lightweight widget that sits there checking for Notes mail. This means I don't have to have the Enormous Bloated Monstrosity of Notes running all the time.
“A spokesman from GCHQ in Cheltenham refused to comment.”

Interesting use of the term "spokesman".

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