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Andrew Mobbs' Journal
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Monday, July 12th, 2004

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First film of today was Waking Life, I really liked this film. It's animated from live-action video in a very "web-comic" digital-colouring style, large flat matt surfaces, very impressionistic at times. The art is wonderful, and is used cleverly to reflect the dialogue (or often monologue).

Most of the film is a sequence of set pieces of individuals espousing a pop-philosophy to the passive protagonist; there isn't a single consistent Weltanschauung expressed, more a gallop through modern Californian-style theories on the nature of consciousness and being. Tim Leary and Phillip K. Dick are both explicitly mentioned, and are very much of the genre.

Overall though, I found myself feeling like I was on a particularly vigorous fairground ride; simultaneously enjoying the experience but hoping it would stop soon. The continuous onslaught of interesting but unchallenged and unexamined philosophical monologues got to me after a while, and I wanted things to slow down.

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