July 27th, 2004


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I appear to have spent a while looking at background information for an argument on cam.* that I probably now won't get into. (It's all just a horrible mess that is somewhere between "I wouldn't start from here" and politics being the art of the possible). Rather than waste the effort, I'll post a bunch of links to documents on Cambridge/Cambs local demographics, planning and transport studies:

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I have a punnet of local raspberries from the market to snack on all afternoon, or at least as much of the afternoon as they last.

I'm happy.

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A Method to gauge what's popular on the web at the moment

Aggregate the top-100 results from a number of simple google queries of incredibly common words and phrases:

For example:

(Mostly software obviously - PuTTY makes it to number 48 on the list)

- think of a handful of other good queries
- write the code
- create a webpage with a monthly top 100
- wait for NTK, Slashdot, whatever to pick up on it