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Andrew Mobbs' Journal
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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004

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My expectations of the currency of information have become utterly unreasonable. I get frustrated because the online Met Office rainfall radar is up to 90 minutes behind real-time. The Treaty of Ghent which concluded the 1812 British-American War allowed for up to 120 days before the message could reasonably be communicated to the furthest flung parts of the world. The Battle of New Orleans was fought, causing over two thousand deaths, after the treaty was signed because there was no way to communicate the message of peace breaking out (to borrow a phrase from Patrick O'Brian) in time.
I was asked a question at work, so I was thinking about all this stuff, and it occurred to me that there might be somebody else in the world who was vaguely interested.

Also, people have asked me what exactly I do for a living, so far today; answer this question, look at what CPU configurations of HP servers can be bought, point somebody at the Oracle documentation on supplied PL/SQL packages, email a colleague about the differences between cheap and expensive network attached storage, and start writing up the analysis for a mechanism I've invented for transfering data between two parts of our software. In other weeks I've run benchmarks, coded prototypes, gone on-site to fix customer problems or as a consultant and been a group sysadmin. I've no idea what my job description is.

Deep Techie - Oracle data storageCollapse )
Everybody's mentioning the much delayed LJ comments being sent out. I suspect that this volume of mail is delaying current comment notifications, since today's seem to be coming through fairly slowly.
King Arthur is dismal; the dialogue is terrible, the historical accuracy is laughable, acting is patchy, the characterization is unbelievable and even the few moments of good cinematography are clichéd.

Only good bit was when King Arthur and his knights road up to a building, the gates were closed in front of them and the next shot is of a couple of guards on the battlements. It doesn't turn into Monty Python at that point (shame really), but it's so close that it might be a deliberate nod in that direction.

Warriors of Heaven and Earth is just about the same plot, but set in China and done much better.

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