October 18th, 2004


(no subject)

Hm... I've been quiet recently, not that much happening I suppose. I had a relaxing weekend playing Rome Total War, making bread, at a party, walking, sitting in pubs and watching Metropolis.

Just bought the new Rammstein album, "Reise, Reise". Somewhat more melodic and varied than their previous work, but mostly more of the same, good solid stuff but not very new and exciting. It doesn't suffer the problem of "Sehnsucht" of all the good stuff being in the first half of the album, and it's more varied in style than "Mutter" (but that's somewhat damning with faint praise).

Also bought Staind "Break the Cycle", I know it's MTV-rock and removes any right I have to take the piss about other people buying Good Charlotte, but it was cheap and "Outside" reminds me of being the US in 2001. I'm sorry.