October 22nd, 2004


(no subject)

I just wasted half an evening sitting there hitting a button I put on my bookmarks toolbar to give me a random LJ.

I have learned -

  • A lot of people have nothing interesting to say.
  • A lot of people are either ecstatically happy with their love lives or utterly devastated by them. Both groups want to tell the world.
  • A lot of people write in Cyrillic.
  • A lot of LJ is at school or university.
  • A lot of American teenagers write like parodies of American teenagers using the internet.
  • A lot of people think that small dark text against a busy dark background picture in a small window looks good.
  • A few people write interesting, coherent, frequently updated public journals in a language I can understand. The RSS feed thing might be interesting way to keep up with these for a while.
  • My own LJ would fall under the "nothing interesting to say".