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Andrew Mobbs' Journal
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Thursday, November 11th, 2004

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*bounce* *bounce* I've got a new work laptop¹. It's more than twice as fast as my old one, four times the disk space, twice the RAM, better display and does 802.11g.


*stroke* *stroke*

¹OK, so it's actually a recent second-hand one, not really new, but still mine, all mine.
New laptop means more disk space. I've just spent a while comparing audio codec quality on Merzbow by carefully listening to the same bits over and over again. My ears hurt.
Another photograph from Nîmes, taken from inside the Roman arena. I thought I'd gratuitously steal some processing ideas from new_brunette, so have a monochrome image with a bit of colour level tweaking.

I'm running out of good holidaybusiness-trip snaps now. I suppose I'll have to actually get out and take some more photos.

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