April 17th, 2005


(no subject)

At last, I now have reasonable DVD-watching facilities. Thanks to a good suggestion by beckyc in the pub earlier in the week (made in a "I assume you're doing it this way since it's obvious" manner :-), I bought a 3m long S-Video cable yesterday, plugged my DVD player into my hi-fi amp and moved my new monitor into the living room for the evening. It all worked well, decent sound, good picture, 20" widescreen isn't exactly home-cinema land, but it's certainly watchable. Ended up showing sphyg and kaet Tykwer's “The Princess and The Warrior” and the first three episodes of “Chrno Crusade”.

For the latter, one nifty thing about the DVD player (bought for me as my leaving gift from Convergys) is its ability to understand DivX encoded files on UDF (including 2.01 to my slight surprise) and ISO9660 filesystems. So, I can watch various bits of fansubbed anime without having to faff with computers.

Hm... I need to find out who at work to badger to get a wishlist implemented. I keep forgetting what films I wanted to buy.