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Andrew Mobbs' Journal
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Thursday, April 21st, 2005

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Google's route-finding algorithm is odd. It says the quickest way from Elgin to Cambridge is M6 to A14, but the quickest route from Elgin to Norwich is A1 to A14 (right past the top of Cambridge).

Though the two routes are so close by their weightings, so I guess that they've simplified their route finding algorithms in ways that give these odd results. They reckon Elgin->Cambridge->Norwich (via M6) is 11h20m + 1h30m = 12h50m, and Elgin->Norwich (via A1) is 12h55m. Experience suggests they're being optimistic about the A1.
Further playing with Google Maps, the A1 or M6 choice seems to flip somewhere between Mildenhall and Elveden.

Elgin to Mildenhall versus Elgin to Elveden.
A bird has built a nest right up against my bedroom window, for the past week I've been woken up at about 6am by wings hitting the window (repeatedly).

If I move the nest a little, so the bird no longer taps on the window so much, will the bird use it afterward or reject it? Would it be overly cruel to move the nest a lot to avoid spending weeks being woken up by chirping chicks? There aren't any eggs in the nest yet.

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