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Andrew Mobbs' Journal
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Saturday, July 16th, 2005

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Go and see Sally Potter's film "Yes".

It bowled me over. All dialogue is in rhyming verse, modulated for the rythm of the film, and that rythm also drives everything else, the camera-work, the movement, the score. The film is a romance, intense passionate and intellectual, looking at life's contrasts, perceptions and desires. You can google to find plot summaries, I'm just going to gush about it.
One thing I've noticed in this film festival is how the mobile phone has become such an integral part of the plot structure in contemporary films. There are still a few films like "One Missed Call" where it's a main plot device, but "The Matrix" was doing that 6 years ago. More interesting is films where as in real life it's just a communication device, but one that allows the writer and director a great deal of flexibility in shaping the opportunities and nature of communication between the characters.

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