July 29th, 2005


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I said I'd advertise this, so...

covertmusic is playing an original set of electronic music at the Cow (next to the Corn Exchange) on Sunday evening, doors are at 8:30pm, he's on from 9:30pm. See here for details.

I'm going along, and will try not too look too out-of-place as a metaller at an IDM night.

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Dammit. Rome: Total War has broken, probably by a MS Update since that's the only thing that's changed recently. (The update also seems to have done weird things, like putting me at a logon screen to click my username when the PC has been idle for a while). Tried all the traditional remedies of rebooting, uninstall/reinstall of the game, reading forums followed by ritual purification, swearing and kicking bits of hardware. Nothing's worked, how am I going to make hours at a time disappear now? I might have to do something more useful with my life than replay a game I've been playing constantly for the past year.

Update w00t! fixed it. It was the audio driver update. /me ♥ XP's driver rollback option.

Looks like I called it correctly on the "Barbarian Invasion" expansion though, not that it was that hard:
Shogun:TW -> Mongol Invasion
Medieval:TW -> Viking Invasion
Rome:TW -> er... I wonder.