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Andrew Mobbs' Journal
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Friday, August 26th, 2005

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This document mentions binge drinking studies that define consumption of 5 "standard drinks" as a binge (which appears to be another term for "units"). It confusingly earlier defines a binge as being 8 units for men, and 6 for women.

Five units? That's two pints of 4.4% beer. That's not a binge, that's a pub lunch.

Is that a problem with my attitude toward alcohol, or unrealistic definitions from the studies? I get increasingly skeptical about proposals to crack down on "binge drinking" when the definition is so far from my expectations. I'm all for measures to reduce the frequency and effect of aggressive drunkeness, but not if those implementing them think that having a couple of pints is a problem.
In another of my horrible binge drinking sessions, I was at an Oddbins wine tasting last night, I wish I'd been to more over the summer, they're great events and really useful for finding new wines (or whiskies). Unfortunately that may have been the last one.

I left my notes at home, but do remember the Glaetzer Wallace as being very good for the money, and the Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf du Pape as being fantastically complex, deep and detailed and er… £40/bottle.
Would anybody like to come round for board/card games on Sunday? If there's enough people and interest then it might even be worth running a game of Illuminati. Less intense games are also available, and please bring anything interesting you have along.

(Please reply if you're interested to give me an idea of numbers, turn up sometime after 2pm).

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