August 28th, 2005


(no subject)

Had a small, but successful games afternoon. Mostly concerned with Alhambra (Spiel des Jahre 2003), which I bought yesterday, a few filler games of Villa Paletti (SdJ 2002), and listening to the cricket.

Alhambra has some quite nice game mechanics, it was observed that it's very much one of those games where the back-story is somewhat desperately fitted around the mechanics, with some parts which don't bear close examination at all. I didn't really formulate a clear strategy, and subsequently lost, some have since occurred to me for next time. It seems to be quite a gentle, non-confrontational game. Each player is trying to achieve their own goals, while this is sometimes it's in a race against another player, and sometimes another player's actions might frustrate yours, there's little direct conflict. It's also has fairly fast moving turns, which is often a good thing.

We didn't play Illuminati in the end.