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Andrew Mobbs' Journal
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Sunday, October 2nd, 2005

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Planet (...possibly) Xena has a moon that's been called Gabrielle. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that the IAU will keep those names. Time to start a campaign?

Anyway, there will be a DVD watching at my place on Tuesday. I'm planning on showing Gattaca and maybe bits of anime, starting at about 7:30pm. Let me know if you'd like to come.
Anybody know anything about gardening? I've just spent the afternoon clearing a large quantity of growth from the front of my flat and digging over the border.

I'm after suggestions for what to do the border, it is against a north-facing wall hence fairly shaded and dry. I've had one suggestion of covering the whole thing in black polythene, then covering that in bark chips, and cutting holes through to the soil. That seems a reasonable way of keeping weeds down, comments? What sort of plants would work there?

Next job is to try to find one of the cards that periodically gets pushed through the door by tradesmen and find somebody to hack about 8' off the top of my hedge, and take that and today's rubbish away.
Just back from Clear at the Cow, seeing covertmusic DJ, and Digitonal play live.

The latter are really good¹, and it was incredible seeing them in such a small, intimate venue. No stage or real barriers seperating them from the audience, just them sitting behind their kit at one end of the small dancefloor, and the crowd sitting around the floor or on the nearby seats.

¹Not to say that covertmusic isn't

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