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Andrew Mobbs' Journal
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Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

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Ah, having a spare bike proves actively useful for the first time. Already running a few minutes late for the early start at work (was intending to be in at 6:45am), I found I had a puncture. Go Go Gadget Brompton! … the database changes were made at more or less the scheduled time and the day was saved.

(well, mostly, I had started this entry about an hour and a half ago, but things got a little busy)

Oh, and a recipe that I thought worked quite well:
Redcurrant sauce for lambCollapse )
"Binge drinking is classed as eight units (four pints) in one session for men, six units (six small glasses of wine) for women."

Never mind the inaccurate alcohol statistics (more like 3 pints or 4 glasses of wine at common strengths), or the unrealistic idea of a binge, it's the gender stereotypes that are really annoying me from that report.

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