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Andrew Mobbs' Journal
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Monday, November 28th, 2005

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So, there was a party, it went well I think. Thanks to everybody who turned up, and lnr for organising the invitations, music and cake. I managed to relax and have fun for most of it, after a bit of acting as venue liasion, bouncer and host. Apologies to anybody I didn't get around to talking to. I had fun DJing, even if I managed to mostly clear the dancefloor. I didn't keep a record of the setlist, but it was roughly:

Dead Kennedys - California über alles
One Minute Silence - 1845
Fear Factory - Obsolete
Ohgr - Pore
Rammstein - Amerika
Nightwish - Wish I had an Angel
Queen Adreena - Pretty Like Drugs
Nightwish - Walking in the Air (or about 1 minute of such until emperor faded it to back-to-back Queen to close the party)

Only about ½ hour, but I think that's about all of such music that the party would take. Particular mention goes to Keith for asking for "something cheesy we can dance to" after just about every track.

Oh, and in further admin, if you lost a navy blue Reebok sweatshirt, let me know, I have it.

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