April 25th, 2007


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I've had a couple of conversations recently about commercial air travel, with some people seeming to agree with George Monbiot that it's unethical and unsustainable to travel by air for pleasure.

Control of demand through price, either through tax or control of supply, would be one answer to restrict air travel but would it be any more ethical if pollution was controlled, but only the richest 10% of people could afford to fly?

Poll #973006 Commercial air travel

Commercial air travel to/from (and within) the UK

Should be banned outright.
Should be taxed heavily to restrict demand.
Should be tightly rationed and the price allowed to increase to reflect demand over supply.
Should be tightly rationed, price capped and tickets assigned by lottery.
Should be tightly rationed, price capped and capacity assigned by a government body that reviews individual requests and assesses need.
Should be loosely rationed (e.g. not expanded past current capacity, or gradually reduced).
Should be allowed to expand to meet demand with small or no tax rises subject to sensible planning.
Should be allowed to expand with minimal restrictions by planning or tax laws. (i.e. faster than currently allowed)
Other (please explain)