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Andrew Mobbs' Journal
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Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

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The Cambridge geek culture is often derided, but reflecting earlier in the pub earlier I put words to why I happily embraced it and still value it. It's a culture that values knowledge as highly as any I've ever known of. It can be placed with the schools of ancient Greece for the way it holds understanding and strength of argument over all other characteristics of the person.

It's weaknesses are almost a necessary result of its strengths, it's depth of understanding that matters not breadth, correctness of argument is valued over social cohesion. Sometimes though it's wonderful to lose yourself to pure, focused intellect; forget niceties of convention or self, you are what you know, nothing more or less.

That said, I also equally enjoy the other extreme of intelligent conversation; the gadfly flitting from realm to realm of knowledge, touching lightly on all. Hinting at, but never challenging, an underlying mastery of all fields of intellectual endeavour.

It disappoints me that the latter is often viewed as the epitome of wit whereas former is frequently seen as tediously obsessive nerdish pedantry when both styles of conversation celebrate knowledge and communication.

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