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Andrew Mobbs' Journal
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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

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I sometimes find the details of polls very confusing. For example, a recent YouGov poll broken down by party voting intentions finds that people who vote Green at the EU elections are some of the most pro-EU voters as a group, often more so than Lib Dem voters (the questions on page 10, "The UK should withdraw completely from the European Union", and "The existence of the EU promotes prosperity throughout Europe").

Why then vote, in an EU election, for a party whose manifesto said:
"Our vision for Europe seeks to replace the unsustainable economics of free trade and growth with the alternative of local self-reliance. We want to foster co-operation on issues of common interest, not establish international institutions for their own sake. Accordingly we are critical of many of the objectives built into the EU treaties, of the EU institutions and how they work, and of many particular EU policies. We believe many things done and decided in Europe might better be done by member states or by regions or localities."

Seriously, this isn't entirely a rhetorical question, if anybody reading can help explain this seeming contradiction, I'd appreciate it.

(For me, this is easily enough to prevent me voting for them in the EU elections. In general though I appreciate a lot of what the Greens say, but feel they're too illiberal on economic activities.)

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