Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Hm... I've been quiet here for the past week. I think that's because most of what I've been thinking about is which job to go for, and I'd already talked about that a lot here. After a lot of indecision, the conclusion I eventually reached is to move to the new job. It was a close call, and at some points during the week I'd nearly convinced myself the other way.

Today I discovered the French sausage stall on Cambridge market, it sells salami style sausage made with pork (smoked or with pepper, herbs, walnuts and other stuff), venison, goat, boar, duck and probably others. Not cheap, but wow... and it's just opposite the bread stall, leading to a late lunch of smoked pork sausage and sour-dough rye bread.
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